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Balms for rheumatism, muscular pain, blue marks and bruises, arthritis, arthrosis, mosquito bites, skin conditions made by the traditional medicine doctor from Nayarit, Jose Navarrete. These contain the following first-quality medicinal organic ingredients:

  • Peyote (powerful general healing plant)
  • Mariguana (muscle relaxant)
  • Arnica (pain reliever)
  • Calendula (heals skin irritations, burns, bruises, mosquito and other pest bites, etc.)
  • Artemisa (heals skin ulcers, bruises and absceses)
  • Rattle-snake oil
  • Mapache oil
  • Tlacuache oil (these oils penetrate deeply and heal arthritis, arthrosis, muscle pain, etc.)
Soaps that prevent and stop hair loss, which nurture and stimulate the scalp so that hair is reborn from the root, also manufactured by Dr. Navarrete. These contain: aloe vera, cacahuananche, avocado and other ingredients.
Top quality organic  German brand PRIMAVERA essential and base oils with 10 organic certifications:
CHIMALMA brand imported organic cotton and fine knits designed by Mexican designer Andrea de Losada, manufactured by Mexican women which are within a Fair Trade System:
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