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Lorraine Krohnengold
When I was 27, I was a photographer, writer and singer. After a painful break-up with my boyfriend, I fell from a horse injuring my coccyx which misaligned my whole bone structure.

Since I had already spent a few years venturing within alternative medicine, I asked to be taken to a healer who adjusted my coccyx and assured me it wasn’t broken, but from that moment on, I felt one of the most determinant misalignments of my life.

I tried all kinds of corporal therapies in order to align myself again and relieve the pain which I continuously felt in the sacral coccygeal area. I learned what psychotherapeutic massages consist of as well as chiropraxy, acupuncture, polarity therapy, etc. and I became curious about what it would be like to do massage therapy and structural alignment.

I took an interesting psychotherapeutic massage workshop and continued my life working in photography  until, after the terrible earthquake which devastated Mexico in 1986, I had an opportunity which led me to live in Can Cùn where I continued working in photography, I sang at a bar and was a tourist guide on different kinds of boats.

In between all of this, I was invited to attend a week-end tai chi workshop given by Master Victor Becerril Montekio, which became a breakthrough in my life since it was a way of maintaining my body aligned and learning a new life philosophy.
Soon after, the great hurricane Gilbert hit the Southeast of Mexico and surroundings, devastating that area of the country, so I returned to Mexico City where I continued to study  tai chi in depth with Master Becerril and all the Chinese teachers from abroad he would continuously invite to give intensive workshops so we could all better our practice.

Getting deeper into the study of the body, I travelled for a year through New York, Europe, Israel, India and Nepal, always in the quest of tai chi schools. When I returned to Mexico, I went to live in Tepoztlàn where I met my partner and father of my son. Together we co-founded a hotel spa in which massage-therapy was offered, so I continued my studies of different massage-methods with the many local and foreign teachers who venture in that magical town. My practical schooling was our hotel-spa, since every week-end I would do between 15 and 25 massages to our guests.

Without a doubt, illness and the issues and events of life -such as  the horse accident which happened to me- establish a way in our lives, as it’s profoundly explained in the book “The Healing Power of Illness”, written by Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rüdiger Dahke.

Today I have done more than 5000 massages to all kinds of people, learning immensely about my own body and others. Enriching this knowledge continuously and fusing it with others, I have created my own massage protocol naming it “osteopathic massage”, which I teach in intensive week-end workshops, 4-hour mini-workshops , and three-month workshops, with the intention of creating an excellent team of body-workers and teaching people in general about the proper use and potential of their own bodies. My mission is to transmit the knowledge and help to create corporal therapists who are above all conscious of their own bodies and help others to become aware of theirs.

Other areas of main interest for me are posture and breathing in which I specially emphasize  during my work-shops.  I include self-massage and joint-opening exercises based on Master Becerril’s tai chi, and I give private sessions and facilitate group sessions of the deep breathing technique called SOUNDBREATH® created by psychotherapist Patricia Edelen who certified me.

I invite the visitor of this web-page to give yourself the gift of participating in any of these workshops or massage-therapy sessions so that you can experiment a new, detailed and profound way of relaxing, healing and bettering your body-tone and breath and obtaining a working tool, as well as being able to form part of my working team for events which require it and as assistants in my work-shops. We offer special programs of great benefit for entrepreneural managers and employees. For more information, keep searching…

After finishing high-school in Mexico City in 1976, Lorraine Krohnengold studied Dramatic Arts in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, got a photography degree and specialized in singing and writing techniques with different teachers in Mexico City and in 1989 she started her career in health and healing techniques:
In 1989: Taiji Quan and Qi Qong with Master Vìctor Becerril Montekio, one of the pioneers of this martial art in Mexico, author of several books on tai chi and Chinese medicine, translator of others on these subjects and founder of La Casa de Loto (The House of Lotus), with whom she studied to be a tai chi instructor, and she has studied tai chi with well-known tai chi teachers in Mexico and other countries (Lili Chang, probably the first Chinese tai chi teacher to teach in Mexico; Claudio Romanini, brazilean pioneer of tai chi in Mexico in the Wu Style; Jou Tsung Hwa, founder of the Tai Chi Farm in New York and the first to establish tai chi within a university program; Wang Wei Guo, Vìctor Becerril’s Chinese teacher in France; Yang Wing Ming, teacher and author of a whole library of books about different aspects of the theory and practice of tai chi, resident in Boston, among many others whom she met in a year’s world tour of tai chi schools and instructors which she made in 1993), being qualified to teach and applying it within her therapeutic and osteopathic massage workshop program.
From 1986: studies in different massage techniques with Mexican as well as foreign first-class teachers and she has been a massage-therapist from 1997 to this day.
Some of her teachers in different bodywork techniques have been:
Alicia Zappi- Psychotherapeutic Massage
Blanca Zendejas- Deep Massage
Montserrat de Pablo Cirio- Psychotherapeutic Massage
Melissa Nussbaum-Zero Balance
Eduardo Morales- Polarity Therapy
Rìa Janzen- Deep Massage
Jeanette Villarraga- Stone Therapy
Betti Zitta- Emotional Massage
Steve Sawyer- Shiatsu
Cristina San Pedro-Ayurvedic Massage
Richard Mathews-Thai Massage
Claudia Mandoki-Reiki
Mark Johnson-Stream of Life
Randy Barker-Bodywork and Aromatherapeutic Massage
Doris Stallforth-Aromatherapy
Besides all the therapists in various bodywork techniques which have been her guide and inspiration.
Certifications in Psychotheraputic Massage, Deep Massage, basics of Chinese Medicine; Zero Balancing; Basics of Polarity Therapy; Stone Therapy; Thai Massage; Shiatsu; Reiki; Aromatherapy I and II and Aromatherapeutic Massage taught by the exclusive representatives of Primavera German Aromatherapy Company in Cuernavaca, Morelos.
Cofounder of POSADA DEL VALLE HOTEL-SPA in Tepoztlàn, Morelos, coordinating the restaurant, gallery, temazcal (traditional sauna), activities, purchases, sales, kitchen and therapies and spa treatments, besides being a massage therapist.
From 2002 on she has given workshops in events such as The Medicinal Plant Fair, besides giving private workshops and she periodically gives intensive workshops of  her own protocol of Osteopathic Massage  in  Shaya Michan’s Healing Center and La Nueva Casa de Loto (The New Lotus Flower House) in Cuernavaca as well as in other states and countries.
On July 2002 she was massage-therapist at the Wellnes Center directed by Rita Jann Geeslin in the Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort of Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., and gave a two week intensive tai chi work-shop to teachers and students at the main Karate Dojo in San Josè del Cabo.
On April 2003 she worked in different spas and hotels in Tulùm, Q.R.
From February 2004 to February 2005 she shared a therapy and nutrition office in Plaza El Encuentro on Rìo Mayo, Cuernavaca, Mor.
From April to August 2005 she was manager and coordinator of the Centro de Retiros LA ISLA in Tepoztlàn, Morelos.
2012-2014, Certified by the UAEM (Autonomous University of Morelos School of Morelos)  Infirmary School and the SEP (Secretary of Public Education) for taking a 20-month Osteopathy workshop.
June 2014, Intensive workshop on Danis Bois’ method of sensorial fascial massage given by the Peruvian-French teacher Marga Zuber.

August 2014, Level 1 of Eishodo Japanese facial massage , based on Kobido Japanese facial massage.

2001, She was interviewed several times in the local radio station program ACTITUD DE GÈNERO (GENDER ATTITUDE), Cuernavaca, Mor., Channel 3, by Gloria Olguìn, on the subject of the body, massage therapies and massage workshops.
On June 2007 she was interviewed and was taped live doing her massage protocol on Capoeira`s Brazilian master Althair who was her model (and is the model of her massage workshop’s official workbook), for Channel 3 of local Cuernavaca`s TV.
On February and March 2007 she appeared on 6 TV programs on Monday’s ADRIANA EN LA TELE show, on CABLEMÀS MUNDO 78, giving massage demonstrations and tai chi exercises.
From March 2008  to March 2010 she was columnist for the Sunday Supplement of the national newspaper MILENIO DIARIO, on the Frontiers section, with her column called “Los deseos del cuerpo” (“The desires of the body”), which grew to whole-page articles.
From November 2008 to February 2011, she collaborated with articles about alternative medicine, interviews and culture for the weekly magazine Milenio seminal.
From May 2008 until December 2014 she had a full-page permanent Saturday back-cover section with her column “Un espacio para el cuerpo” (“A space for the body”) for the Morelos newspaper LA JORNADA DE MORELOS.
During 2011 she was vocalist of  the rock-group Tripulaciòn 4:20 forming part of the first LP CD of the band.
During 2011 she was also vocalist for the musical meditation group called Neroponti, based on the theories of astrophysicist Hans Cousto, and formed part of the group’s first LP CD.
During 2011 she taught Introduction to Musical Appreciation in the nursery and primary school Cendi Tonatiuh to babies, pre-primary and primary school children in Cuernavaca, Morelos.
In 2011 she was certified in the deep therapeutic breathing technique called SOUNDBREATH ®, created by Mexican psychotherapist Patricia Edelen (, and since then, she has given many workshops and individual and group sessions.
She has given many workshops in the massage protocol she designed combining several techniques

In 2013 she co-created with master kundalini teacher Nirvair Kaur, workshops and retreats for couples which include Kundalini Yoga techniques combined with massage-therapy and aromatherapy.

March 11, 2013, colaborator as osteopathic massage-therapist in voluntary social work for th Infirmary School Health Fair.
May 17, 2013, colaborator as osteopathic massage-therapist in voluntary social work for the YAUTEPEC Infirmary Health Fair.
September 2013, Tai Chi teacher in Yoga SHRI CENTER of Cuernavaca.
Since May 17, 2013, Tai chi, chi kung, aromatherapy and SOUNDBREATH ® instructor in the EISHEL Nuestro Hogar home for elderly people in Cuernavaca, Morelos.
2014, 2015, 2016, invited as osteopathic massage-therapist within the Nicho de la Purificaciòn (Purification Niche) of the CUMBRE TAJÌN Fair in Papantla, Veracruz.
2012, Colaborator with articles for DIVERS MAGAZINE, Mexico.
Since October 2014, creator and teacher of the 3-month training  Osteopathic Massage-therapy workshops in the Shaya Michàn Naturist Center of Cuernavaca.
April 22 and 23, 2015, Aromatherapeutic-massage workshop representing  German PRIMAVERA Aromatherapy Company in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
April 2015, interviewed in 6 different radio programs in Radiològico Morelos Radio Station, by Athena, Abraham Popoca and Rodrigo Salas.

April 29, 2015, radio and TV interview about the importance of good posture and breathing in youth for the Radio and TV Station of the State of Morelos.

May, 2015, Aromatherapy mini-workshop for the UTEZ (Emiliano Zapata Technological University of Morelos).

She has given massage-therapy to hundreds of people of all ages from many parts of the world. Some of the ones she has treated in Cuernavaca, Tepoztlàn and Mexico City are:

  • Mr. Vìctor Hadad and wife (important company managers and entrepreneurs)
  • Mr. Marc Pariente (owner of hotel-restaurant Casa Tamayo)
  • Mr. Rubèn Cerda (owner of Hotel-Restaurant El Madrigal)
  • Mr. Francisco Bernot (son-in-law of the original owner of famous Restaurant-Hotel Las Mañanitas, who was her client for several years).
  • Mr. Anatoli Lokachtchouk (circus teacher at Theatre and Martial Arts School El Dragòn de Jade and trainer for Cirque de Soleil).
  • Dr. Marie Laversin (acupuncturist, homeopath doctor, allergist and Ericksonian hypnotist).
  • Petra Meyer (chef of Deli Petra, tai chi and yoga instructor and expert in Buddhism).
  • Sharon Kerr (tribal belly-dance teacher, choreographer and director of Dance and Culture Center Zaghareet).
  • Mrs. Silvia Huerta (owner of Gold’s Gym).
  • Helena Tamayo (Master Kundalini Yoga teacher and fine author jewelry designer).
  • Alejandro Flores (professional soccer player for CRUZ AZUL team).
  • Dr. Dyllis Walker (gynecologist).
  • Lina Rodrìguez (professional photographer).
  • Mrs. Lourdes Lamasney (General Manager of Young and Rubicam Publicity Agency in Mexico City).
  • Mr. Ivàn Elizondo (former subsecretary of Education of the State of Morelos).
  • Therapist and nutriologist Anosha Love, founder of Casa de la Vida hotel and detox clinic in Tepoztlàn, Morelos).
  • Psychotherapist Patricia Edelen, specialized in Pathwork and different psychotherapeutic techniques and creator of SOUNDBREATH ®.
  • Mr. Koen Van Landeghem, director of Eqi Leader, Coaching with horses in Tepoztlàn, Morelos, and his partner Catherine Shih.
  • Victor Becerril Montekio, tai chi and chi kung teacher and co-founder of La Casa de Loto in Mexico City and La Nueva Casa de Loto in Cuernavaca, Morelos.
  • Irene Selser, editor of international news for Milenio Newspaper and writer and poet.
  • Elena Cepeda, wife of Governor of Cuernavaca Graco Ramìrez, and president of the Patronato del Sistema DIF, Morelos.
  • Graco Luis Ramírez Garrido, Governor of Morelos state.
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