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Keeping good body posture benefits us from a health as well as an esthetic point of view. With simple advice tips based on several body techniques -which unfortunately we are usually not made aware of when we’re young and tend to start distorting our posture-  we can re-learn to stand up, walk and sit in a way in which we can best take advantage of the force of gravity, release tension and move more efficiently. Besides, when we achieve good posture, we optimize our diaphragmatic breathing and oxygenize ourselves much better, for the diaphragm is not only the most important muscle used in breathing, but also it’s the most important muscle used in our posture.

Important factors such as health and life quality depend on our body posture, but posture also depends on different factors such as individual personality characteristics, and physiological, biomechanical and education aspects.
Correct posture is defined as the symmetric and proportional alignment of the body segments surrounding the axis of gravity. The ideal posture of a person is the one which doesn’t exaggerate or increase the lumbar, dorsal or cervical curve; that is, when the physiological curves of the spinal chord are preserved.

 This can be achieved keeping the head straight with the chin at a 90 degree angle, releasing the tension from the shoulders and breast, letting this tension slide down and filling the legs, releasing the groins and knees in such a way that we give away our weight into the earth which is what holds us and in this way we can feel our own roots. One way of re-learning this is with self-massage and tai chi exercises which help us to create awareness of our own body and the space we occupy and the space around us.
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK DEEPLY THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Lina Rodrìguez, Helena Tamayo, Leòn Felipe Garcìa and Cassandra Gallotti and my friends and students who contributed to the images which illustrate my webpage.
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