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What do we breathe?
And what is oxygen?
-Oxygen is sunlight which passes through the plants and reaches our lungs.
Does that mean that what we breathe is light?
                                                                                                  Lorraine Krohnengold
Soundbreath® breathing

The only thing that human beings really need in order to be alive is breath. The proof  of this is the existence of those who call themselves “Breatharians” who have been around since ancient times and who can live without eating or even drinking for many years or their whole lives. They live and nourish themselves solely from air and they go about their daily chores and do exercise and are as well or better well-built than the best of sportsmen.

We all breathe, but it’s been constantly proven that most human beings do not breathe well, fully and deeply, taking advantage of all the wellness that good oxigenization can provide.

That is why since remote times, many breathing techniques were designed, mostly in India. First of all so that we could become aware of how we breathe, and thereafter so that we could optimize our breathing using it in different ways according to our needs. That is how Soundbreath ®emerges.
Soundbreath is a breathing method which combines diaphragmatic breathing with personalized use of the voice.

It was created by the Mexican psychotherapist Patricia Edelen with the basics of Dr. Judith Kravitz’s Transformational Breath, combined with several therapeutic techniques.

It’s a natural healing method which moves the body’s natural resources towards complete wellness. Combined with organic aromatherapy, its effects are even deeper and more healing.

Soundbreath complements diaphragmatic breathing and voice toning with transpersonal psychology, special touching in specific areas of the body while using focused affirmations related to each person and music-therapy to create an even more effective solution for a powerful healing process.

Daily practice of Soundbreath has proven to be effective in the treatment of many symptoms and diseases. Please visit our Soundbreath web-page at
Soundbreath is an innovative technique, powerful and effective, which achieves noticeable changes at physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


At a physical level:
It opens and cleanses restricted respiratory patterns:
  • Through breath, 70% of the body’s toxins are eliminated.
  • Practicing Soundbreath, we optimize our respiratory capacity.
  • It strengthens our immunologic system.
  • We oxygenize our body producing more energy and support for our body’s natural abilities to restore itself.
  • It increases our capacity to receive and experiment our wellness.
  • It produces better health and more physical and emotional balance.
  • The more we open and expand our breath, the better we flow in life.

At a mental level
It heals traumas and negativity in our subconscious mind; as we open and cleanse our subconscious mind, the dysfunctional areas that we can heal are:
  • Birth and early childhood traumas.
  • Unconscious death impulses.
  • Unconcluded authority and parental issues.
  • Self-sabotage patterns.
  • Negativity stored in the subconscious caused by wrong beleifs and destructive conduct patterns.
  • It frees repressed emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression and sadness.
  • We eliminate old mental patterns, limiting and scarcity beliefs.
  • It liberates past traumas which caused energetic blockages in the body at a cellular level.
  • It solves stress.
  • It betters our relaxing capacity.
  • It creates an atmosphere in which more feelings of peace, clarity and creativity can take place.

At an emotional level
We achieve the possibility to align and harmonize the chakras or energetic centers of the body, which allows us:
  • To obtain more and better physical health which itself allows us to obtain better mental, emotional and spiritual balance.
  • To be in the present moment.
  • To open ourselves to receive more love, harmony and wellness in life.

At a spiritual level
We can reach dimensions and high conscious levels, which allows us:
  • A strong connection with our divinity.
  • Consistent and profound meditation sessions.
  • A more evident expression of our spiritual gifts.
  • We elevate our vibratory frequency which allows us to consciously perceive the wholeness and unity within ourselves and with those who surround us.
Soundbreath makes use of the voice in the form of toning in order to potentialize  diaphragmatic breathwork:
1.Voice is a healing tool which we possess which helps to create complete balance between body, mind and soul.

2. The tones which we emit –our own sounds- are healing. They don’t have to necessarily be pleasant –especially for others- but they can be sounds which have the strength to heal and transform.

3. As we experience the different vibrations of sounds, for example “Aaah” or “Om”, we can feel how they resonate in the different parts of the body.

4. Sounds help our bodies to liberate certain chemicals and hormones (dopamine, serotonine, endorphins) which assist us in letting  go of pain, to relax, tone, stimulate and eliminate what we don’t need and to create a better state of wellness.

If we add a clear and personal INTENTION to diaphragmatic breathing and toning, plus THE ADEQUATE ESSENTIAL OILS to breathe during Soundbreath sessions, this can become one of the most effective techniques to help us achieve a state of calmness, general health and elevated consciousness.
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK DEEPLY THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Lina Rodrìguez, Helena Tamayo, Leòn Felipe Garcìa and Cassandra Gallotti and my friends and students who contributed to the images which illustrate my webpage.
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