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What is osteopathic massage?

Osteopathic massage is the result of my 25 years of learning and experience in Western and Eastern and Osteopathic body therapies and techniques.

It integrates techniques such as psychotherapeutic massage, Swedich Massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology points and Chinese, Japanese, Ayurvedic, Thailandese, Hawaiian methods, Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy, Dr. Smith’s Zero Balancing, aromatherapeutic massage, Danis Bois’ fascial massage, Japanese facial massage, craneo-sacral therapy and the use of cupping techniques.

All this is optimized when the osteopathic concept of  a therapy which treats the totality of the human being at a physical, mental and spiritual level is acknowledged, considering  the human organism as a whole which is interrelated and is capable of restoring itself.

It gives special importance to posture and breathing of the person who is giving the massage therapy as well as the person who receives it, based on the principles of tai chi discipline, basically as it is taught by Master Víctor Becerril Montekio, and the consciousness and the fullness of the diaphragmatic breathing used in the SOUNDBREATH® breathing technique created by psychotherapist Patricia Edelen.

The osteopathic massage protocol uses different techniques which work on softening and rearranging soft tissue  in specific zones of the body and adopts the idea that the manipulations –being deep and detailed- are soft and carefully applied as well without the need of directly adjusting the bones themselves. The bone adjustments are produced  in such a way that if the patient is undergoing osteopathic, chiropractic or physiotherapeutic treatment, with osteopathic massage-therapy his or her body is well prepared so that the bone adjustments can be more effective, which makes it an ideal complement for other techniques when such are necessary.
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK DEEPLY THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Lina Rodrìguez, Helena Tamayo, Leòn Felipe Garcìa and Cassandra Gallotti and my friends and students who contributed to the images which illustrate my webpage.
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