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Improve and optimize the movement and function of your body learning
Massage therapy, Self-massage, Correcting your Posture and Re-learning how to Breathe.
Graduarse of the Krohnengold Method Osteopathic Massage Workshop which took place from August 16th to 21st, 2021
Quiero agradecer profundamente a los fotógrafos profesionales Lina Rodríguez, Helena Tamayo, León Felipe García y Cassandra Gallotti y a mis alumnos y amigos que contribuyeron con las imágenes que ilustran mi página.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK DEEPLY THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Lina Rodrìguez, Helena Tamayo, Leòn Felipe Garcìa and Cassandra Gallotti and my friends and students who contributed to the images which illustrate my webpage.
“An exquisite massage.”
Julie Christie, famous English actress
“After the daily chores, traffic and smog of a day in Mexico City, this massage certainly makes the difference.”
José Francisco Gutiérrez, Méx., D.F.
“The mixture of soft and strong and of physical and energetic strength, leaves one feeling like new.”
E. W., Germany

“This is heaven.”
J.L., New York, USA
“This massage is like a symphony with its melodies, harmonies, staccattos, allegros…”
G.L., musician, D.F.
“An excellent high quality massage in which the therapist is always present.”
D.L., Monterrey, N.L.

“I’m a new person! All my pains went away! You’re an expert!”
G.T., México, D.F.
“I feel heat and electricity in your hands.”
C.G., Cuernavaca, Mor.

“What strange pleasurable pain!”
I.S., México, D.F.

“Wonderful! I have three hernias in my back and I hesitated to get a massage, but now I feel terrific! Very professional.”
D.A., Guadalajara, Jalisco

“I’m floating. It’s the best massage I’ve had and I’ve had many.”
M.J., Sausalito, California, EUA

“Delicious!It’s addictive!”
D.C., México, D.F.

“You detected my kidney problem and now I feel light and in balance.”
J.D., Edo. de México

“Glorious! I’m extremely relaxed!”
B.V.,San Francisco, California, EUA

“My condition improved 90% in just one session.”
I.A., México, D.F.

“If you ever did something wrong in your life, with this massage you have been forgiven.”
J.M., SMA, Guanajuato

“For the first time in a year, after this massage I slept 12 hours and not 5. The best night of my life!”
L.C., México, D.F.

“I didn’t want it to end.”
J.G., North Carolina, EUA

“What happiness! One of the best massages I’ve received in my life! My knots were very well detected and with much energy!”
Dr. Ives Requena, M.D., Acupuncturist, Aromatherapist and  Chi Kung Master, France

“The most complete massage I’ve received. Her heart, mind and her whole being are projected in her hands.”
Dr. José Maya, plastic surgeon, México, D.F.
25 years of experience
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